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Averitt Express – Incubator Hosting

Customer Case Study

“We have a solid track record of working with MavenWire, so when it came time to test out OTM 6.3.1 in a hosted environment, its test/incubator offering was a natural choice that worked out well for us.”

Nick Fields

Director, Analysis and Administration

Averitt Express

Global Transportation Services Company Uses MavenWire’s Hosted Incubator Solution to Test Out OTM 6.3.1

Averitt Express quickly and affordably tests its data in a hosted environment.


With approximately $1 billion in annual revenues and 100 service centers, Averitt Express is a leading transportation services company that works with customers throughout the southern U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Averitt’s product offerings include LTL, TL, dedicated fleet, brokerage, warehousing solutions, international freight management, and transportation management.

Facing its first major Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) upgrade, Averitt needed a low-cost, temporary hosted solution that it could use to evaluate OTM 6.3.1 without tapping internal resources or disrupting its day-to-day operations.


Upgrading supply chain management software can be a major undertaking for companies like Averitt, which must balance customer needs and demands with their own internal capabilities and requirements. Rather than jump into a “live test” of the upgraded system, Averitt turned to MavenWire’s hosted technology incubator in order to:

  • Get the OTM 6.3.1 upgrade up and running within days of executing a hosting agreement.
  • Evaluate the new version of OTM without having to rely on its own development and test instances.
  • Use its own, internal data and information in the hosted environment.
  • Save money and reduce overall implementation times.

Nick Fields, Director, Analysis and Administration, says MavenWire’s incubator helped Averitt vet out the substantial OTM update before the solution was rolled out into the organization’s own test and development environments — all of which were otherwise occupied at the time. “We had used MavenWire’s hosted incubator solution on a smaller scale in the past,” says Fields, “so when the major upgrade reared its head, we knew who to call on for help.”


Working with MavenWire, Averitt was able to test out its current OTM configurations with the upgraded technology in a hosted environment. “Our goal was to make sure the functionality in the upgraded version would be consistent with the previous OTM version,” said Fields.

Testing in an advanced environment where there was no direct impact on Averitt’s operations enabled the company to:

  • Copy its entire production environment over to the incubator.
  • Perform a live test on a near real-time basis.
  • Test its data in a “sandbox” like atmosphere without impacting day-to-day operations.
  • Move a difficult and time-consuming process offsite.
  • Leverage MavenWire’s experience as a hosting partner, cloud service provider, and OTM expert.


  • Averitt was able to evaluate OTM 6.3.1 using its own data while retaining its OTM 6.1.5 instances for ongoing customer development and onboarding.
  • MavenWire’s temporary, low-cost hosted solution saved Averitt both money and time that would have been spent managing the process internally.
  • Averitt gained insights and made decisions earlier in the implementation timeframe — rather than waiting until after the upgrade was completed.
  • Built on a multi-tenant architecture, MavenWire’s hosting service provides:
  • Lower overall cost than a dedicated development or test instance.
  • Reduced instance setup time.
  • Ability to use a migrated version of a customer’s real OTM data, providing greater visibility into how new versions fit with their
    unique business requirements.
  • Short-term (3-, 6-, or 12-month) commitments.
  • Ability to transition incubator data into a customer’s instance(s) once available, significantly reducing implementation timelines.

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