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Ravago Americas

Customer Case Study

“MavenWire made sure we learned and documented all configurations and processes during our project. If there was a mistake or an issue during the implementation, they made sure we knew what caused it. Essentially, they made sure we knew how to support OTM long-term.”

Justin Reding

Logistics Manager

Ravago Americas

Boosting the Logistics Capabilities of a Leading Resin Distributor with OTM

Ravago partners with MavenWire to implement an optimized TMS solution from scratch.


Entec Polymers, the largest of the Ravago Americas companies, is the U.S. leader in offering cost-effective material alternatives to the plastics processing industry. Entec operates multiple full-service warehouses and distribution centers, provides internal logistics support, leveraging a mix of House Carriers and 3PLs to provide top-level logistics services. Existing transportation processes were manual, ad-hoc or spreadsheet-based. The company needed a sophisticated system that could scale with Ravago’s growth. Working with Ravago, MavenWire designed and delivered a solution that optimized their current operations and positioned Entec and Ravago for future growth.


  • As a growing company aiming to consolidate corporate logistics and current processes, a best-of-breed TMS was needed that could allow for growth, increased supply chain visibility and cost savings with the overall goal of centralized transportation management.
  • A lack of automation left Ravago relying heavily on carrier websites for rates, with no easy way to compare the best pricing.
  • Limited reporting tools were in place to show results and areas for improvement.
  • Needed to ensure that the Ravago team could properly sustain on-going operations of the delivered solution.


  • Replacing manual processes, the best-of-breed OTM v6.2 was implemented for both inbound and outbound logistics. The implementation included:
  • Order management, shipment planning, shipment execution from the core modules and freight settlement
  • Fusion Transportation Intelligence for key performance indicators, dashboards and drill-down from the summary to transaction level to provide high quality reporting and analytics
  • Custom process designed for shipment event sequencing
  • Advanced automation processes leveraging agent configuration
  • Extensive work with Czarlite
  • Standardized carrier rating and setup for future stabilization and negotiations
  • Integration with third-party carriers via EDI standards to provide optimal communication
  • Microsoft SL and carrier EDI connectivity enabled with WebMethods
  • Robust SMC rating scenarios defined and customized Shipment Event Workflow to provide easier and more efficient entry
  • MavenWire worked diligently to ensure full understanding of OTM and self-sufficiency at Ravago as other companies were brought on board the OTM system


  • Ravago has been able to absorb more volume as an organization with fewer people on average due to the automated systems in place.
  • Supply chain visibility increased after the change from manual systems to OTM.
  • A robust reporting tool is in place to provide real-time information for better business decision making.
  • Processes with third-party carriers improved drastically with the implementation of EDI 204, 214 and 210, and results-based information can be utilized in ranking carriers, leading to cost savings and improved customer service.
  • Ravago was empowered post go-live to on-board other lines of business based on MavenWire documentation and knowledge
    transfer methodologies.

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