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Logistic Fulfillment

At MavenWire, we work with clients to help them realize the potential of their complete logistics function.

This means analyzing each aspect from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective; identifying areas for concern and then designing and implementing the right solutions. We look at the end-to-end process; working with your suppliers, distributors, IT & finance departments and warehouses to improve the efficiency of the complete function.

A logistics platform supports and integrates all elements of a logistics function, providing a single viewpoint that facilitates the effective management of all the individual applications.

Through working with MavenWire, our clients have benefitted from:

  • Reduced costs – throughout their logistics function
  • Business growth – more efficient processes means reduced wastage and improved margins
  • Improved service levels – more rigorous controls around the supply chain and transparency of transactions reduces failure.

Ways in which we have helped our clients

  • 67%

    Reduction on warehousing labour

  • 50%

    Increase in on-time shipments

  • 59%

    Increase in pick productivity

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