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Consulting & Advisory

MavenWire delivers consulting services to help you better understand, manage and improve your logistics function.  Consultancy may be offered as part of a wider implementation project, or can be delivered on an ad hoc basis to meet specific resource gaps that may exist.

Performance Consulting

  • Reviewing existing systems and processes to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Implementing KPIs to measure the efficiency of your existing function, systems and processes
  • Applying best practice knowledge to deliver improved return on investment
  •  Process re-engineering and refinement in order to improve margins and your return on investment

Program Consulting

  • Enhancing the efficiency of the existing logistics function by scoping, designing and implementing improvement programs.
  • Facilitating the preparation and delivery of a project, to ensure effective implementation
  • Providing training and guidance around governance and cost management, to reduce risks and implications of non-compliance

Technology Consulting

  • Quantifying the benefits of in-house versus outsourced functions
  • Guidance on system and application procurement and implementation
  • Matching IT capabilities against business objectives to ensure the successful delivery of an effective transportation strategy

We provide support on a consultancy and educational basis, as well as operating as an outsourced supplier – either based on-site or as an offshore function. Depending on your requirements, our services can either be rolled-up into one all-encompassing long-term solution, or elements can be chosen in order to provide you with more specific support when necessary. No matter what your requirements, you can be assured that we will tailor a solution that fully meets your needs and delivers measurable results.

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